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Unleash The Power of Digital Label Art Collectibles With Your Next Special Edition Brew Batch.

Fat Boy Lager NFT Collection

Welcome Craft Brewers!

Creating awesome label art is key to standing out on a store shelf and attracting new customers.
So, why not generate new revenues with a digital collection of your label art as NFTs for your next special brew edition? 

Read how a Denver Brewery sold one NFT for $6,725.70


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could also offer your beautiful label art as digital collectibles? 

Don’t leave money on the table. Increase your revenues, margins, and community engagement.  

Your Customers simply scan the label QR code to purchase or claim their “digital twin” (NFT label art) and receive perks, discounts, or special access to your brewery.

Beer Lovers.

Create a modern-day beer can collection with awesome label art from your favorite brews and breweries from around the world. 

Receive special perks, discounts, etc. by claiming or purchasing your favorite craft brew label art. 

Showcase and share your collections with other craft brew lovers and enthusiasts. 


Benefits of a Craft Brew Label Art NFT Collection

Build Brand

Tell a Story

You started your brewery for a reason, you have a purpose, and your brewery has a personality, culture, and stories to tell.

What do you want your community to think and feel about your brewery?

NFT Label Art Collection Theme Ideas:

Brewery Purpose, Special Brew Story, Brewery Anniversary, Brewery History, Brewery Personality, Social Cause, etc.

Build Community

Engage and Extend Reach

Create community hype and buzz and increased engagement on your next special brew edition. 

Do your customers feel special? How engaged are they? Are your customers telling others about your brewery?

Add Utility to Your NFT Offer:

VIP Access, Perks, Discounts, Tickets, Special access, Membership, etc.

Drive Revenues

New Revenue Streams

Generate new revenues, and higher margins, and even raise capital through a new sales channel. 

Are your customers willing to pay a little more to feel special and have special access? 

NEW Revenue Opportunities:

NFT Sales, NFT Prints (Poster, Stickers, and Merch), NFT Royalties, Higher Brew Margins, etc.

Provide virtual tours and events.

Create Your Own Virtual Brewery - COMING SOON!

Invite beer lovers around the world experience your brewery!

Discover, sell unique and rare extraordinary NFTs

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