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What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent ownership of a unique object or item.

The blockchain technology used to store NFTs allows for the creation of verifiable ownership records, ensuring that they cannot be replicated or counterfeited. NFTs can represent artwork, collectibles, and even virtual real estate. NFTs have exploded in recent years, especially among collectors and artists.

Why would a brewer create a label art NFT collection?
Brewers can generate revenue, increase margins and even raise capital through an NFT collection offering. If you have awesome label art why not offer it as an NFT to showcase it to the world?   Additionally, craft brewers can boost brand and community through an NFT offering that includes utility, that is, special perks, access, etc.  Many brewers already offer memberships, discount programs, etc. Why not use NFTs to provide and manage these perks, special access, VIP treatment, etc. for your community? An NFT could similarly be used to represent batches of special barrel-aged beer produced by a craft brewery where each label is represented as a piece of digital art. Craft brewers may also find NFTs useful for authenticating and verifying the provenance of rare and limited-edition beers. An NFT could include information about the ingredients, the brewing process, and other relevant details about the beer. A customer buying the NFT will know he or she is getting a genuine and unique product. This NFT will also generate revenue for the brewery by selling these rare beers.
How much does an NFT program cost a brewer?

Nothing. Only label print production costs.

There is a small transaction fee for NFT label sales to support the marketplace.

Why would a beer lover buy an NFT from your brewery?
Collect and showcase unique and rare label art from US and global breweries, support the brewery, gain special access and perks, and potentially, the NFT may increase in value (especially if long-term utility is attached to the NFT. For example, if an NFT artwork also offers utility, that is, a discount or free beer for life or perpetuity. The NFT can be resold and the brewery will make a royalty/commission on every resale of the NFT with this perk. If the NFT is sold for $1,000, the brewer makes $1,000 (less transaction fee of ~3-5%). If the NFT holder resells it for $2,000 a few years later, the brewer makes a royalty of 5-10% or $100 – $200. Do the math if you offer 1000 or more NFTs for a special brew batch. Additionally, owning an NFT of a piece of craft brew label art can give collectors the opportunity to own a unique and rare piece of label art. That is a limited batch or special edition. They can collect and trade amazing label art with other enthusiasts across the country or the globe. Furthermore, owning an NFT of a craft brew label art piece could serve as a way for a collector to support and engage with the brewery that produced the beer. Many craft beer enthusiasts are passionate about supporting small, independent breweries. Therefore, purchasing an NFT of a craft brew label art piece could be seen as a way to show support for and connect with a particular brewery. Finally, owning an NFT of a craft brew label art piece could be a way for a collector to show off their love of craft beer. This is because it shows their appreciation for the art and design put into creating a beer label. Many craft breweries put a lot of thought and effort into the design of their labels. Owning an NFT of a craft brew label art piece could be a way to celebrate and display that creativity.
What does a beer lover do with an NFT?
Brew lovers can exhibit their NFT-label artwork in their personal virtual showrooms and share it with other collectors and beer lovers around the world. They can also show off their collections on social media, websites, or virtual showrooms (spatial.io). Printed copies of the NFT can be displayed at home galleries or in the office as conversation pieces and storytelling. Also, printed on merch (T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc.)
How does someone buy an NFT?

NFT-label artwork is easily purchased at CraftBrewNFTs.com.

In order to purchase an NFT you must set up a free wallet. We recommend Metamask

Will the TTB approve my NFT labels?
Please reference the TTB guidance here. Section V of the COLA form sets out certain “allowable revisions” that may be made to approved labels without obtaining a new COLA, subject to the condition that the new label “must be in compliance with the applicable regulations in 27 CFR parts 4, 5, 7, and 16, and any other applicable provision of law or regulation. TTB does not approve those revisions on an individual basis, and the industry member is responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations and the conditions set forth in Section V.


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