Design Your Label

Unleash your creativity with label art design!

Create Label Design

After you have chosen a story or a theme for your special edition brew batch, it’s time to reflect the story through your design using layers and traits. Tools such as Canva, Adobe, etc. are excellent for this. 

Layers and Traits:

Determine how many layers and associated traits that you want to include in your design.  Each layer’s traits can be visual elements such as color, shape, and texture, or more abstract traits such as mood or emotion.  Include things like patterns, textures, or overlays that can be adjusted to create a wide range of variations.

Or each layer can have traits for a special character with eyewear, hats, glasses, facial hair, accessories, etc. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Start with a base layer:

This base layer or next layer will include all the text information. Add layers on top of the base layer that incorporates the traits you have identified.

Experiment with different combinations of traits and layers to see what works best. You may want to create a series of test pieces to see how different combinations of traits and layers look together.


*The formula for the number of layers and traits needed for a specific number of labels for your batch is as follows:
#unique labels = Traits to the power of L (we can help you with this!)

For example; if your brew batch is 5,000 cans, you will need 5000 unique labels.

Thus, 5000 = T*power of L, you decide on either the number of layers or traits and calculate the other.


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