Tell a Story

This is where the fun and creativity begin.

Create a Story

What story or theme about your special brew batch will resonate with or entertain your community?

What makes your brewery and your beer special and different from other breweries? This could be the ingredients you use, the brewing process, the history of the brewery, or the local community you serve.

Have your artist interpret the beer’s ingredients, name and style into a work of art that can be printed and placed on a can or bottle to entice consumers and communicate what they’re about to drink.

Build hype around your NFT offering through social media, share your brand story, and engage your audience.

Your brand story should communicate your values, vision, and mission as a brewery, and should appeal to the emotions and interests of your target audience. Or just create a fun or interesting theme for your batch.

What utility (special perks and access) will be associated with the NFT purchase? (More perks = higher NFT price)
  • Exclusive membership
  • Discounts or special event access
  • First dibs on the new batch
  • Help create or vote on a new brew batch
  • Help create new label art
  • VIP access to the brewery
  • Etc.

Be creative and think outside the box. A great brand story is one that stands out and is memorable, so be sure to put your own spin on things and have fun with it!


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